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Does this sound familiar?

You're showing up on instagram, growing that email list, tweaking your SEO and all that shiz but the money in your bank account is somewhere in between blahhh and oh sh*t, put it on the credit card.


You have dubbed your arch-nemesis “analysis paralysis” because you are constantly questioning what you are doing and doubting your potential for success. You believe your lack of action is only proof that you weren’t meant to have successful biz and you wish you had it easy like so many others.


You a high achieving queen who is constantly trying new things to see what sticks (and nothing really has...) but are oh so over the long hours, emotional roller coaster rides and lack of FUNds.

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I see you, working every day...

Showing up consistantly to beat the Instagram algorithm, working up to 1m views on Pinterest and creating an epic freebie EVERYONE WILL LOVE....only to find you really just need people to BUY instead of seeing you. :(

Launching your offer only to hear…crickets…thats right, your worst night mare became a reality.

Setting swoon-worthy goals, seeing no progress and throwing in the towel because adulting is HARD!

Creating in-depth client avatars and still figuring out if she shops at Madewell or Anthro?? hmmm…

Waking up at 5am for an epic power hour, crashing at 2 pm and sleeping past your damn alarm every. other. day.

Courses, programs, coaching where you are left with a massive to-do list, all the overwhelm and as far as you can see, you won't be making your investment back anytime soon.

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Picture this...

  • An influx of clients and sales! (wayy before you hit that 10k mark!)
  • Social media no longer feels like the wild west and you now are sharing your message without second-guessing yourself and wondering what your high school boyfriend will think of you.
  • Your DMs filled with dreamy clients asking questions (but are ready to buy anyways) making sales calls optional
  • Having an epic dance party in your office because you reached your income goal for the year in September. gasp
  • Feeling confident as your own accountability buddy which is super convenient because it feels awkward af to be 29 and asking someone to tell me to post on Instagram 3x a week.
  • Seriously up-leveling your life to the point where you regularly get comments like “you are glowing” + “I am so amazed by your transformation”.
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Hey! I’m Caroline



A profit focused mindset bootcamp using the proven tools that will take you from basic to bank.



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 Client Wins





Who is this for?

makers + creatives

new + established coaches

network marketing leaders

service based entrepreneurs

social media influencers

digital product creators

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tough love with lots of hand holding

…because you and your business are not your typical Pumpkin Spice Latte. Sometimes you need it extra hot, no foam, soy milk and 2.5 pumps.

I got you.

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Who is this not a good fit for?

  • Those still waiting for the perfect idea, niche or ideal client to take action and start getting paid to do something they love.

  • Anyone who doesn't want to have a personal brand and would rather hide behind a logo, cute quotes, and flat lays.

  • Those who aren’t ready to dig deep into their pasts and the subconscious programming that has been running their lives.

  • Anyone only looking for help with branding, websites, funnels or your copy. While the strategy can be sexy, we will be diving into YOU... and DAMN isn’t that SEXY!

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After only 5 weeks you will

Have the tools you need to skyrocket your income, get more shit done and stay in flow.


You won't be using brain space to figure out if and how you will achieve your goals.

(Instead, your brain will be able to focus on being a visionary for your business, dreaming bigger and watching Netflix whenever necessary #noshame)

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The Journey

Each week you will dive deep into the D.R.E.A.M. method, my proven formula used exclusively with my 1:1 clients. Now you get to experience the transformations that were once only available AND learn the tools to get repeat results.

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Are you creating the life and business your really want? Lets get crystal clear on who you want to become so you can start attracting the life you actually want.

Discover who 2.0 you is. Who is the next lever version of you. The one who gets shit done, has a ton of energy and is a badass industry leader.

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What limiting beliefs do you have around money, success and in your business? Learn about what identities you are still holding onto and how to leap into the identity of 2.0 you.

Discover the subconscious programing that has been running the show. Find out how you are letting your “primal” brain control your life and learn tools to create new programing that will help you create success with little effort.

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Ready to attract dreamy clients while sharing your authentic message? Learn how to create content, share your voice and have fun showing up on social media.

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When we have a transformation at the subconscious level, it sticks with us. Learn how to create permanent change in your beliefs and identities that you can tap into regularly.

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Dive into my Magnetic Marketing Bootcamp to help you lead with compelling sales and a road map to getting more clients WITHOUT the cookie-cutter methods. Learn methods that generate sales while you skip out on the fancy funnels, Pinterest frenzies and sales page woes.

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Jackie, Marketing & Success Coach


Bridget Shannon, Wellness Coach and co-founder of Wellness Lately


“My session with Caroline was amazing! I came away with so much clarity about my goal, in tangible terms, which is fueling me to make it happen.”



Meet your coach…

Hey! I am Caroline Van Natta, business coach specializing in NLP + Hypnotherapy. I create approachable mindset tools for online CEO’s to breakthrough to their next level of success. After a powerful experience with hypnothereapy giving bith and becoming a mom, so many things in my life just became easier. My circomstances werent easier (far from it) but it was like i downloaded an upgraded operating system in my mind. I was experiencing things completely differently in my life and business. People were saying things to me like “You’re glowing!”, “you seem so confident” and “I am so amazed by your transformation”. I completely transformed my mindset and then I started hitting goals with ease. I was showing up on social media (and not freaking the f out of what people would thing) and I was magnetizing clients.

My confidence and energy made it easy for me to book high paying clients (without sales calls) and start creating the business I actually wanted. Things that I thought would take years were taking weeks.


What’s included?

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 5 juicy workshop style calls to master and apply the tools and techniques to recoding your mind to create success with ease.

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4 additional trainings on VERBs (visibility, energy, rituals and being). These trainings will help you understand how to create massive momentum and success in your life without exhausting yourself and running in circles.

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Hotseat style group coaching with Caroline to hash out what is going on in YOUR business.

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A highly engaged facebook group to collaborate, receive support and accountability from a passionate group of leaders.

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Pricing + Payment Plans



3 payments of 295

Early Bird Pricing

ends October 15th

680 or 3 payments of 230

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optional UPGRADE

Accelerator Package

high-level support to make your transformation un-paralleled


Accelerator Call

A private 90-minute call with Caroline. Quickly discover hidden limiting beliefs and experience the power of NLP to eliminate them for good. Leave the call with a road map for your next steps and the unshakeable confidence that will allow you to take action with ease!

$360 value

Caroline Hotline

2 weeks of support with back-pocket coaching through Voxer. Access to the Caroline Hotline will open up following your Accelerator Call so you can get daily feedback and support as you experience major shifts in your business and life.

$280 value


These calls were game-changers for the women in DI round 1 where they were able to jumpstart their sales days after and making their complete investment back!


Value: $640

For enrolled Dreamers: $360



We start November 1st



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Real Talk

Are you willing to…

  • Keep going in the direction you are headed? Remember, the same actions create the same results. Then you wake up and what you thought was thirty, flirty and thriving is actually wine stained teeth and balance transfers galore.
  • Take a new level of responsibility, master the basics in your business and stop playing shiny object syndrome and chasing “the next BIG thing” for you?
  • Look at what hasn’t been working in the past, how you are holding yourself back and use this program to propel you forward?
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