Caroline Van Natta

I realized my wedding stationery business was going nowhere

…and when I say I, I mean me and my brand spanking new husband. You see, I got laid off days after our honeymoon from my dream job as a textile designer. I quickly became anxious about money, loosing sleep over my so called “identity crisis” and I was terrified of anyone asking me what I do for work, or how I was doing (the answer to both was “Ima hot mess!”)

I started my wedding stationery but I still had so much doubt that this was actually going to bring me closer to my dreams. With my lack of confidence in my direction or being overwhelmed with too many ideas.

I was at a breaking point…


So finally I….

I bought an embroidery machine (and googled the heck out of how to use it)
I got serious about showing up
(i.e. Instagram stories, going live and actually talking to my customers about what they wanted to hear)
I invested in mentors.
I got crystal clear on my brand voice and purpose.
I was quickly creating work that me and customers were giddy about ….meaning they sold like hotcakes!

I was putting everything out there and seeing huge shiftS.

Since then I have been successfully selling my embroidery designs without the stress and overwhelm I once did.

Once you find that perfect product that you love creating and people want to buy you have SO MUCH FUN


Caroline’s Bio


Caroline Van Natta is an coach and artist who works with creatives wanting to step out of their comfort bubbles and create a business around their life and work. Her work has been featured in blogs such as SFGirl by Bay and Oh Joy!. She believes one of the bravest things you can do is start your own creative business but believes the

Caroline has spent 10 years as a textile designer with her work sold in most major retailers like Target, Khols, Home Depot and Bed Bath and Beyond. Born and raised in Richmond, Va her and her husband are raised her daughter and two German Shepherd Dogs in a fixer upper in the city. One the weekends, you can catch her talking about french pastries, her latest fiction read or trying to guess your Enneagram number.