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  • procrastinating and second guessing yourself before sharing your work on posting on social media?

  • dreaming of having the confidence to talk about your work AND seeing people be excited about what you’re sharing?

  • mission out on massive clarity and feeling down about the endless list of things you “should” be doing?

  • discourage because your products are just sitting on your website and you’re wondering if anyone is even interested?

  • using all the strategies (beating the algorithm …sometimes, creating an email list, having amazing branding) but NOT getting the results you want?

  • ready to turn this part-time (and expensive) hobby into a real business that makes consistent INCOME.


Heres a sneak peak into how I create these epic transformations with my signature D.R.E.A.M. method…


We will dive DEEP into each topic on our LIVE group calls where you will get to work through each powerful topic while having support right there as you go.


What some of my amazing clients are saying…

Jackie, Marketing & Success Coach

Jackie, Marketing & Success Coach

Bridget Shannon, Wellness Coach and co-founder of Wellness Lately

Bridget Shannon, Wellness Coach and co-founder of Wellness Lately

My session with Caroline was amazing! I came away with so much clarity about my goal, in tangible terms, which is fueling me to make it happen. Even though I've that about what I want, I haven't clearly envisioned it like that, and talking to someone about it was not only helpful but empowering! It felt like a very safe space and Caroline is a lovely person to open up to and share your deep visions and what's holding you back. Whether you're looking for clarity around your goal or you need helping in working toward it in a very direct way I highly recommend working with her!




Okay, so I want these results…but how can I make it happen?

Here is what is included

  • Weekly video group coaching & workshops. This is where we will get to talk about YOUR business and get any feedback and support you desire and dive deep into creating transformations at the identity level the will propel your business with serious momentum. Do the work live during our calls or on your own time with the recording.

  • A HIGHLY ENGAGED private Facebook group to connect with the other women and get continuous feedback and coaching from me. Pssst.. this is perfect for sharing all the new inspiration and new projects you are completing for some feedback and insight!

  • A 1:1 coaching call with me to dive deep into creating the wildly successful business you dream of while working on creating that in YOURSELF at the identity level.


The same habits, strategies and thoughts you have right now are not going to get you any different results…and

I know you’re a dreamer but are you ready to start LIVING your dream?


What are limiting beliefs? and why do I NEED to get rid of them….

Some things that have popped up with my clients are…

“Someone is already doing this and doing it better” (she wasn’t sharing her designs even though friends had already told her they were amazing)

“People don’t want to hear what I have to say” (she was afraid of ruffling feathers of some family friends and was afraid of what they would think…reality is she doesn’t care or agree with them)

“I am never doing enough in my business” (she was constantly feeling guilt for taking time to chill and enjoy the lifestyle her business has created for her!)

These are just a few examples of what have popped up with my clients. We all have different scripts running on in our mind that is holding us back in some way. They are keeping you stuck in your life and will continue to until you deal with them.

I can show you how to overcome these beliefs and create a lasting change where you wont even remember what it felt like.



Are you in?

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How am I able to facilitate these kind of results…



A little bit about me…

As a life long creative and personal development junkie, I have always been on the hunt for what makes some people successful and some not. After years of studying, implementing and experimenting growing my freelancing and creative businesses I always bumped up against a certain level of success. I couldn’t keep momentum up or reach my goals consistently. It was only after doing some serious work mentally preparing for childbirth of all things (hypnobirthing!) that I learned what self-sabotaging was and the power of our subconscious mind. I started investing in my mind and started seeing much different results. I quickly BECAME the person I always wanted to me. I was creating massive success in my business with fun and ease!
I am a certified Hypnotherapist, NLP Practitioner and Life & Success coach. While I believe these certifications show my dedication to my work, I believe that my clients testimonials and wins are the height of my qualifications. Walking with amazing women through their stories and helping them rise into the most courageous and successful version of themselves is truly MY dream come true.

Do you have any questions? Send me a DM on Instagram or shoot me an email at