Caroline Van Natta

Hi! I’m Caroline.

Coach, Artist, Collaborator

I teach creative gals to step out of their comfort bubbles to create lively and thriving businesses.



7 actions to get sales today




Creative Gal Mastermind

Ready for one part sisterhood, one part mentorship, and a hundred parts kick in the bootayyyy?

I’m hosting a one-of-a-kind mastermind experience for creative gals who are ready to commit to their dreams in big ways. If you have a creative biz (or are dreaming of starting one!) it’s time to stop listening to the noise, get clarity and commit to an exciting journey.


Collaboration Opportunities

Looking to create buzz around your brand or have a really cool idea? I collaborate with fellow artists and embroider their designs on paper, tee shirts and home goods. There are only a handful of spots left for 2019!



~ coming soon ~



Caroline Van Natta is a coach and artist who works with artists wanting to step out of their bubbles and create a business around their life and work. Her most recent work has been featured in blogs such as SFGirl by Bay, Oh Joy! and Design Lovefest. Caroline empowers creative women to make lasting careers where they are creative fulfilled while bringing home a worthwhile paycheck. She believes one of the bravest things you can do is start your own creative business and share yourself through it.

Caroline spent 7 years as a textile designer with her work sold in most major retailers like Target, Khol’s, Home Depot and Bed Bath and Beyond. Born, raised and now living in Richmond, Va, she and her husband are raising their daughter and two German Shepherd Dogs in a fixer upper in the city. One the weekends, you can catch her talking about french pastries, her latest fiction read or trying to guess your Enneagram number.

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