Caroline Van Natta

Hey Dreamer!

I’m Caroline! I create inner transformations for creatives so they can have massive momentum and success in their business with ease and fun.


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Instead of asking

“Am I really cut out for this business thing?”

ask yourself,

“How much success could I have if I had a clear plan and stopped talking like shit to myself”


I was always hoping there was a way to have a successful biz without constant hustling and self-doubt. Once I changed who I was at an identity level success was inevitable no matter what I did.






Hey there! I’m Caroline, a coach who works with creative dreamers who ready to stop procrastinating and feeling inadequate to have a wildly successful business.

After having a WILD experience doing hypnotherapy while pregnant (so I could have a fearless, pain-free and unmedicated birth) I realized that the scripts running in my subconscious mind were more powerful than I had ever imagined. I learned that we CAN reprogram our subconscious mind…meaning that creating the results we wanted in our life could be easy and effortless. Postpartum I was able to ditch my anti-depressants (yay!), got serious about what I wanted (to be a coach!) and was able to go after it with fun and ease (because what new mom doesn’t need more of that??!).

I spent years and years trying to run a success business of my own. As a successful textile designer I have had my work sold in most major retail stores (including best-selling doormats at Target). But i reallly realllllly wanted to create something that came solely from me, not a design directions vision. So I designed wedding stationery, then bought an embroidery machine to make fine art pieces and eventually stuck with really cool, high-vibe t-shirts (you would look amazing in one!). Anddd it wasn’t until I started showing up as the person I actually wanted to be and turned off the voices of self-doubt and comparison that I started getting crazy traction. All the sudden I was making $800 in a week without a fancy launch plan. Literally just showing up and being seen and talking to my customers. And this was the kind of traction I was able to rinse and repeat.

Seriously, I had no plan. Just the idea of what I wanted and who that person was that had it.


I have been creating these same results with my clients by reprogramming their mind at an identity level instead telling them to just trying harder.

Can I help you too?


A few other things ABOUT ME

I love french pastries and Impressionist painters.

I am an Enneagram 8w7.

Born and raised and now living in Richmond, Virginia.

Living in a four-square fixer upper with two German Shepherd pups, a daughter and my husband.


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